Spiritual Living For Busy People

How To Live With Ease in a World of Dis-Ease

by Cylon George

“The time to relax is — when you don’t have time for it.” ~ Sydney J. Harris


Have you noticed?

Our world is full of dis-ease.

This dis-ease manifests itself mainly in the form of busyness.

Why are we so busy?

There are so many demands made of you, in so many areas of life. You often wake up paralyzed, not knowing where to begin. Deadlines, tweets, text messages, emails, reports, projects, people – it’s all legitimate, or so we tell ourselves. So many things that need to get done. By you.

But, why you? Does it really have to be you? Or are you dis-eased?

Our collective busyness points to a deeper truth. We’re not at ease with ourselves. We’re not content with where we are or who we are. We’re not satisfied. We’re not at peace with our own thoughts.

So – we stay busy. Even when we don’t need to.

Why? We want to be distracted. We want to convince ourselves (and others) that our lives matter because we’re important enough to be busy. But you’re not happy because you’re exhausted.

How do we begin to address this dis-ease?

Realize this truth:

You matter simply because you are.

Remember this as you pursue valid goals and worthy dreams. If you tried and achieved none of them, you still matter. If you have accomplished much, your worth does not come from these accomplishments – though it will feel that way. If you had to drop everything tomorrow, you’ll still matter, simply because you are.

A Life of Ease

What does a life of ease look like?

You Have Options

It’s true, sometimes we’re just plain busy. But remember that you always have a choice. You can choose to live at ease, even when you’re busy if you don’t attach your self-worth to your busyness. You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness to find meaning and belonging. You’re free to drop the busyness anytime you want.

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