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Finding Peace and Happiness

Do you habitually compare yourself to others? Read this post to discover how you can drop this habit and achieve greater happiness.

Improving Relationships

Want to improve your relationships? Start by working on your relationship with yourself. Take the Self-Love Quiz to see how you're doing. 

Developing Self-Confidence

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Hi, I'm Cylon George

I help busy people slow down so they can focus on the things that matters most in life.

Do you feel like you're constantly spinning your wheels? 

Are you struggling to find purpose in your daily life and work?

Is your hectic lifestyle causing your most important relationships to suffer?

Know that you are not alone.

This is amazing! You always have such a way with words & I truly appreciate your insight. Keep up the excellent work!!!

Karen M. 
Blog Subscriber

As a spiritual chaplain, I've had the privilege of compassionately listening to the stories of dozens of people just like you. 

As a father of six with a hectic schedule, I've struggled to find balance in my personal and professional life. 

When your newsletter arrives in my "Cylon George" folder I stop what I am doing and listen and read what you have posted. Then I share it with others. Your work resonates with people definitely on the heart and soul level. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the good that you are putting out there. Keep following your good heart!

Laurie Moore Skillings 
Blog Subscriber

My mission is to show you all the strategies and tools I've discovered to help you live with greater happiness, purpose, and meaning. That's why I'm committed to publishing outstanding content to help you succeed! 

If we needed to sum up Cylon's work in one word, I think that word would be 'care'. Cylon is the real deal. He genuinely cares about helping people overcome difficulties and grow in their lives. And he has the insights and personal experience to do this effectively. Whenever a post by Cylon comes out, it's one of the first we read and then share.

Laura & Mark

Start your personal growth journey by downloading my free guide to help you stay calm in any situation: 20 Little Tricks To Improve Your Mood Even if You Feel Like Punching Something (or Someone).

It's always a pleasure to work with Cylon! Every time I hear from him, I know I can expect a positive exchange and a post that's both practical and insightful.

Lori Deschene 
Tiny Buddha Founder